Monday, December 6, 2010

Training This Week

Its gonna be cold most of the week.  Feel free to run on the treadmill / eliptical; however you may want to get some outdoor runs in to get used to the weather we will be training in.  Here is my plan for the week, feel free to modify to your current fitness level.  Also, on some days it is better to just run for time.  This takes the focus off the distance and puts it on getting a run in.

I will be running or working out at 4:30pm most days this week.

Monday: 3-4 Miles
Tuesday: Cross Train or 30 Minutes of Cardio
Wednesday: 3 Miles or 25-30 Minute Run
Thursday: 3-4 Miles or 30-35 Minute Run
Friday: Easy Cross Training, Stretch, Yoga
Saturday: 4-5 or 40-45 Minute Run
Sunday: REST

Total Mileage: 13 - 20 Miles

*Dont forget to be working on your core - Abs, Lower Back, Obliques*

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