Saturday, February 26, 2011

5 Weeks To Go!


If you are running the Knoxville Half Marathon then you are only 5 weeks away from your race; and if you are running Nashville you are only 9 weeks away.  I hope preparation is going well.  If you have a chance in the next few weeks try and run parts of the Knoxville half-marathon course.  The course is posted on the Knoxville Marathon website.  Also, I hope everyone received my email about the fund raising brochure/process.  If you did not get an email from me and are fund raising please let me know.

Also, I am trying to nail down Nashville plans for travel and stay.  My sister is flying in from San Francisco to run the marathon and was trying to figure out where to book a hotel.  Do we want to try and get some rooms in the same hotel?  Let me know what your plans are.  Also, I have not heard back from anyone about potential places to host a dinner in Nashville.

A while back (last year sometime) when Matt, Steve, and Mike were planning this they shared about how they hoped this would not only help support both families through this process, but how it may encourage our community to grow.  I have heard a few stories from some of the One Less team, and the community is growing.  I believe the Smiths and the Moldrups met the owner of Einstein Brothers bagels who is also adopting from Haiti.  I found out a teacher at my school and his wife know the Smiths and are running and fund raising.  He is also my mentor at school.  It is really incredible to see God working and establishing his community of believers.  I hope you have taken the chance to meet some new people through this process and share what God is doing in our community.


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