Sunday, December 19, 2010



As we approach the holiday season and the new year I want to encourage you to keep up your training.  It is easy when everyone is out of town to slack off and not get your mileage in.  We have not hit crunch time yet, but if you stick with the training now it will pay off when we start upping our mileage.  I would encourage you to set a few goals over the holidays, like running a new years race or setting a weekly mileage you would like to meet, running your longest distance.  These goals can be motivating during the cold lonely days.  Most importantly, enjoy the holidays and be ready to really start training in 2011!

Fundraising brochures are almost finished.  I will try to get everyone a copy of the rough draft so you can make suggestions on how to improve it.  Also, if you think you may have a good connection with a business that could be a "corporate sponsor" let us know.  We are hoping the corporate sponsors could cover race fees and running shirts or uniforms.  Just think if one business contributed $1000.00 then our Nashville race fees would almost be fully funded.

Also, continue to be in prayer for the Smiths, Moldrups, Kiki, Giflore, Lookens, and Kinsley.

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