Tuesday, April 5, 2011

One Race Down - One to Go


First off I want to congratulate everyone who ran on Sunday!  Nice work.  I feel like we all exceeded our expectations and had a great time.  Thanks for all those who came out and cheered us on, that was a big help.  I hope this motivates everyone for Nashville!  Keep up the training.

Fund Raising:  If you have not started, time is getting low.  If we need to meet or talk about anything let me know.  Sarah and I are currently fund raising from non-Knoxville sources.  If you all are asking those people that everyone knows try and communicate about it.  We do not want to ask the same people numerous times.  I still have some extra copies of fund raising pamphlets and forms so let me know if you need some.  If you can't remember the fund raising details let me know and I can send you the email with all the details.

Shirts: we are getting "dri-fit" shirts for the Nashville race.  If you want one, or more, let me know so we can get a number.  As of right now you will have to purchase the shirt.  It will not be more than $25.  I need your size as well.

Continue to pray for both families and the kids. 

peace, Ace

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