Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Break in the Clouds

The weather finally improved today. Kolby, Ryan, Spencer (joined us for a fun run, he has not run in months) and I ran our long run.  Impressively Spencer made it almost 8 miles, he's gonna be sore tomorrow.  Kolby, Ryan, and I did 9.5 miles.  Hopefully the weather will only improve from here on out, even though we have a couple months of winter left.

Hopefully everyone got or gets a good run in this weekend.  If you can, I would try to set a new longest distance or timed run record for yourself.  Also, on some of these longs, a good way to break up the monotony is to insert a few periods of strides or picking up the pace.  You can go 30 seconds at a harder pace and get your legs striding out.  Just try it a few times within your run. This will help you keep loose and its good for your mental game too.

The fund raising brochure is done.  I will email everyone a copy today (if I have your email).  Don't worry about running any copies off at this time, we will organize that in the near future.  Keep up the hard work and continue to pray for the Moldrups, Smiths, and soon to be members of their families.

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Paul Dickenson said...

Hey guys, it's Paul. Whoever wants to run at any time of the day just call me or text me. I don't have a job and am considering day trading on the stock market to make money. Holler at your boy, let's raise some money.